So I decided to make a blog... Here it goes...

I love writing, I love reading, and I love taking pictures of things that inspire me, so I thought hey! Why not start a blog, somewhere I can combine all the things I love! I thought I should start off with a little quote, I know its cliché, but they are something I find gives me inspiration; I also thought this one was appropriate:

"Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself" – George Bernard Shaw

 Anyway... As it is nearly the end of the day I should probably write quick!

The things I love today are:

Oxford- I have been here for just over a week now, and it is so beautiful! Especially as it is the beginning of spring and there has been some lovely, sunny days. I therefore had the opportunity to take some pictures, I hope you like them!

Sushi- Today I had the chance to make my own sushi. I think it turned out pretty well, and is much cheaper than buying sushi from a restaurant: although nothing can top YO! Sushi sushi!

Music on the Made in Chelsea adverts! - I'm in my first year of my advertising degree at the moment, so I couldn't do my first post without mentioning an advert. The advert shows the cast having a party, with a Victorian theme...This accentuates their wealth, but still shows they know how to party, which is oxymoronic to the attire. The music, which I love, is by The Vacancies. I am pretty obsessed with Made in Chelsea for some reason, so am getting increasingly excited that it is out in two days, eeeeep!

As it is now past 00:00 it is technically the next day, HOWEVER this blog post was started on the 30th of March, and would have been finished if my computer didn't decide to turn itself off, I promise...

Thank you for reading; hopefully you liked my first post!
Feedback would be much appreciated!

Sophie x



  1. hey, Sophie :) thanks for stopping by in my blog and following as well. I really enjoyed your first post since the photos are gorgeous (I love good photography!) and the nature looks so beautiful :)
    btw, you asked about glambox. yeah, it's quite similar to your version but I wasn't very happy with my last box and haven't ordered the next one..
    anyway, I hope I'll hear more from you, and enjoy your Sunday :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. Great post Sophie :) love the pictures - we tried to make sushi and it didn't turn out too well :P


  3. Hie Sophie
    Just came across your blog on bloglovin!
    Guess what we are namesakes! ha!
    So glad to meet you!