Easter Friday!

As it's Easter Friday it's only understandable I am loving something Easter related! My first love of the day is Easter trees! They can have colourful eggs on, little chicks, bunny's, ribbons... You can personalise them to look however you want! Who knew something so messy could look SO cute!
Here is a picture of my friend, Chloe's, Easter tree, I just thought it was so brilliant!

My second love of today is Costa. I went there today, with Chloe for a catch-up. Although I think that coffee shops are generally overpriced, I still love the comfy sofas, mis-matched chairs and general vibe most coffee shops have. Especially Costa! I also love the fact you can get a large tea the same price as a small tea: Something you don't get in Cafe Nero!

The third thing I love today is vintage décor! I especially like it when it has a modern twist, for example Cath Kidston to me is a good example of a modern brand that has a vintage feel; nearly everything I own is Cath Kidston or Kidston style. If you don't know of this brand, then look here: http://www.cathkidston.co.uk/default.aspx, I'm sure you will love it too! Here area a few pictures I took today of a friends living room that I love: 

This brings me to the fourth thing: Piano playing! Although I'm not fortunate enough to know how to play myself, thankfully my boyfriend and a large number of my friends can play. I love to listen to talented piano players:I find the skill that goes into good playing is amazing! 
My last thing I love is a long hot bubble bath at the end of the day, especially when you have sore tiered aching muscles! That's what i'm off to do now: have a long soak. Speak to you soon! 
Sophie x



  1. I also love Easter trees and have one in my own home too. it's beautifully green and in leaves, decorated with cute tiny eggs :)
    btw, the fireplace looks amazingly stylish!

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