Newly decorated bedroom!

I've been very busy the past week doing up my room. Before, my room had pine furniture, bright blue walls and hadn't be updated for a good 5 years.

 So I decided on my theme and got to work sanding priming and painting my old furniture! I don't like anything too fussy so decided on a minimalist theme of neutrals; Off white/cream, light blue/grey and brown.

When the cabinets were painted they were left to dry, then the old carpet was striped and a nice newer, darker one was added. After that was down I got a new leather sleigh bed.Accessories to match the newly painted furniture where added such as wicker baskets, a mirror and ornaments.

 I'm still waiting on the new bed cover to arrive, but this is basically the finished article... I hope you like it!

 How do you like your room?



  1. I am in LOVE with that cabinet! GOOD WORK xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I love the dresser DIY. You made a wonderful oasis for yourself. I love the contrast of black and white. -Jessica L