When Dexter came to stay..

A couple of weekends ago my family came to visit me in Devon for a day, this naturally meant that Dexter had to come along too.

Sorry about the picture quality, I forgot to bring my camera, and had to use my phone. 

We went to explore a little town called Paignton, and set off for the beach. 

As dogs aren't allowed on the main beach we had to find a dog friendly one, and came across this beautiful, secluded cove

The steam train goes right along the cliff edge around the cove.

The cliffs were made of slate which meant the sand was a purple/red colour

Dexter had a great time playing in the sea (as did I)

After the beach we went for a lovely pub dinner, and relaxed with a good book at the place I'm staying... 

Okay, I mean ELLE... 



  1. Cell phone or not I adore that first photo. I love the smile on Dexter's face when playing in the water. One of my cats, my only boy black kitty, is named Dexter. :)

    1. Aw that's so cute! I love cats, maybe even more than dogs (shh don't tell Dexter) :)