The Radcliffe Camera is one of my favourite parts of Oxford. Isn't it preeetttyyy? 

This is just a cool moose head I saw in the pub and had to take a picture. 

So I've finally broken up from university for the Christmas holidays (yay!) and therefore have come to visit Ted In Oxford. Oxford is probably one of my favourite cities, as I love the heritage that comes with it, and the picturesque buildings within the city centre. Today was just a day to relax, as last night we had a ‘Swedish Christmas’ with Ted's house mates, before they all leave for Christmas; all will be explained in tomorrow’s post (now available here :)). So far, we have just wandered around to see a few sights, and have finished off in our favourite coffee shop G&D's in order for Ted to cram for his last exam, as he hasn't broken up yet, and for me to write a few blog posts. 

Speak to you soon! 



  1. It looks like such a beautiful place

  2. Oxford looks stunning I have visited the UK but never been there! :)