My 2014 Bucket List


I decided that one new years resolution just wasn't enough, so I have ten things I want to accomplish by 2015. Greedy, I know. 

1) Try a macaron for the first time - this may seem like a strange one, but I always see people with them, and they just look so tasty.
2) Go somewhere I've never been before/do something I've never done. 
3) Learn a new language.
4) Exercise at least once a week - I would say three times a week, but I'm awful at exercising and knew that would, therefore, be unachievable.
5) Save up for and buy a digital SLR camera.
6) Read more literature.
7) Get a job that utilises my degree - I finish university this year, and hope (fingers crossed) I can get a job at the end of it.
8) Learn to play the ukulele - I've wanted to do this for a while, but it is now finally possible as I got a ukulele for Christmas!
9) Worry less, blog more.
10) Be more productive; wake up a little earlier.



  1. Great Blog. I like number 9. :)

  2. Great bucket list Soph :) number one is essential.Macaroons are so yum (just makes sure you get a white chocolate or salted caramel one!)
    I'm also hoping to wake up earlier this year. I wanna get my body into wake up at 8am every morning, except the weekend of course!

    Good luck with these :) and Happy 2014!

    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

    1. Thank you Hailes!
      I was thinking more 10 when I say early :P But I'll start with that, and work my way down! haha!

      Happy 2014!