Patisserie Valerie

Today was surprisingly sunny after the past week of rain and terrible weather we've been having here in the south. Therefore Ted and I decided to take a walk to town, stopping on the way to pop in to Patisserie Valerie.

This is a short post as I just wanted to document me ticking off the first thing on my 2014 bucket list. For those of you who haven't read that post (or can't really be bothered to click through to the link) I stated how I wanted to try a macaron for the first time; which, I admit, was the main reason for our visit. At 85p each we went for one of every flavour. They didn't disappoint, although I was expecting them to be more meringue-like. 

After our little tea break we spent the rest of the day looking around town, and eating some more... 

I hope you've had a lovely weekend (and valentines)! 



  1. Yay! You finally tried macaroons :) I find them to be a little hit and miss with flavours. We found a local friday farmers market at uni and they did peppermint chocolate ones and salted caramel and white chocolate. They were amazing!

    What flavour did you like best? :)

    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

    1. That's so exciting! I wouldn't mind a peppermint chocolate one ;) the lemon was my favourite I think, as it was the most flavoursome! Haha! But as you say, some were a bit hit and miss; I wasn't too keen on the vanilla!