DIY Natural Face Mask/Scrub

Warning: This face mask smells good enough to eat - but don't actually eat it, from experience I know it isn't very tasty. 

Recently I've been more conscious about what actually goes into many skin care products, and have therefore been experimenting with making my own. For ages I've wanted to try out coconut oil for cooking as well as moisturising, and am beginning to become obsessed. I therefore have been doing a bit of research into natural ingredients and their benefits for the skin, and have consequentially made a face mask for my needs (my skin is not oily, but has a few blemishes). 

If you are allergic to any of these ingredients or have sensitive skin I would suggest this isn't for you. If you have normal/combination/blemished skin, this is perfect for getting a soft, smooth face (or body). 

It's pretty simple and inexpensive to make, and has no synthetic ingredients.
What you'll need for one face mask (you can always double/triple/quadruple the mixture to make a body scrub): 

1 teaspoon of coconut oil 
2 teaspoons of honey 
2 pinches of flaked sea salt (you can always use a finer sea salt) 

Also a container, something to mix with and a flannel to wash off with. 

Step 1: Basically, you mix it all up in your bowl/container. I did the coconut oil and honey first then sprinkled in the salt. I also added a dash of lemon - in order to fade scars. What do you think of my lovely GIF? I'm not too sure.. 

Step 2 - Apply it to your face for 5/10 minutes (I'm wearing mine whilst I blog).
Side Note: I'm not naked in this picture, my straps were just unfortunately concealed by my arm and my hair - oops.  

The Final Step - Wash off with warm water and a flannel to reveal softer, smoother skin.

I hope you enjoyed my little recipe, if you have any homemade products you use/have made I'd love to hear of them! 



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