Lazy 2 Minute Cleanse

There's nothing worse than getting in late and having to take off all of your make-up, especially if you're sporting the works (full eye make-up, foundation, bronzer etc.). It's so tempting to just get into bed but you know you've just got to take your make-up off, particularly if you have my spot prone skin; the slightest trace left on will result in blemishes the next day.

This is where my lazy 2 minute cleanse comes in (I sometimes use it if I just can't be bothered to do my whole cleansing routine - which is quite often).

My first step (60 seconds) is to wash my face with my Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel and rinse with warm water (and a flannel if I've had a particularly large amount of make-up on that day).

I then go over with a cotton pad and a bit of Bioderma (Escentual have it on offer at the moment). This is to take off any extra make-up that may still be lurking and the pesky eye make-up that usually gets left behind under my eyes (30 seconds). Bioderma, or micellar water in general, I find so good at getting off heavy make-up quickly, so is always my go-to product when I'm in a rush.

Lastly, if I'm feeling in need of a little extra TLC I use a dab of Vichy Normaderm Nuit (30 seconds to rub in problem areas), this is a wondrous product that heals up most blemishes overnight. So is perfect if I'm having a late night and my skin needs to look good the next day.

And that's my quick, lazy cleanse routine done. I can go to bed with a clear mind knowing my skin won't be a disaster the next day! What are your quick fixes?



  1. Ahh same! I hate it when I get in and I'm so tired and I have this moment where I debate just getting into bed...but then I don't. I've become really obsessed with my skin so I always take my make up off and try and follow my routine twice a day. Love the sound of these products.The Vichy product looks great! Will have to try it out when I have money again!

    Great post :)

    Haaappy Summer!
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  2. Vichy is so good, especially if you have sensitive skin! It can be quite pricey though, I usually get it when Boots has their 1/3 off; it is worth the price! Mine has nearly run out though :(

    Sophie <3