Loves from around the web.

These are the top things that I have seen and have either liked, or drawn inspiration from over the past week. Firstly, I'm going to start off with this article on 10 Ways to Wake Up Refreshed, because who doesn't want to feel like a morning person once in a while? The rest as follows...

This video on The Guardian highlights how GoodGym are combining exercise with good deeds: Here.

My Chatelles Slippers by Making Magique 9

These tasselled My Chatelles slippers are just beautiful doncha think? This beautiful image can be found here at Making Magique

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and this Breakfast Taco Bar seems like a great idea.

Blueberry Swirl Muffins by HonestlyYUM
These Blueberry swirl muffins look divine, find the recipe here.

I'm a bit obsessed with anything interior design related and this perspex picture desk seems like a great way to personalise any office (find more of my interior loves on Pinterest - beware, I love white).

To finish off, here are a few of the many amazing pictures from the 2014 World Photography Awards. I found this one by photographer Kacper Kowalski particularly interesting, highlighting the rows of identical houses in the city of Jiangyin, China.



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