Soap & Glory 'Super-Colour Fabulipstick' Lipstick

If you're like me and love the look of lipstick, but hate the upkeep of a perfect lip all day, these are the lipsticks for you. When it comes to lipstick application I like mine to be as low maintenance as it gets; basically a two second application and out the door, these fulfil that need - they stay on for hours, give a great colour pay-off and (my favourite) glide on nicely without making my lips look dry and prune-like.

As I previously mentioned in my July Beauty Favourites I went for Pom Pom, a bright pink 'powdercoat matte', and Red My Lips, a brown-red satin finish. I actually meant to pick up Man Trap (a darker red colour) instead, but the lighting in Boots combined with badly placed products beg to differ, meaning I now have Red My Lips instead.

The first thing that enticed me towards them is the branding, they have an 'S&G' engraved into the lipstick; the tube is also very sturdy and the 'twist' up is strangely satisfying for a lipstick.

Formula wise they are so soft and are really moisturising - something I find hard to come by. I would usually prefer a satin finish, but with these I surprisingly prefer the matte.  The only downfall is that I wish there were more colours available. There is only three colour shades in the matte and six in the satin, mostly pink or red. Saying that, the colours available are all nice shades.

The lipsticks are on the more pricey side at £9 each, but are - dare I say it? - used much more than my Mac counterparts that are generally £13.

What is your favourite Lipstick formulation?



  1. I've never tried any Soap & Glory lipsticks before but these sound lovely, I love the Pom Pom shade :) xx

    1. I do find that not many people have tried them/heard of them, which is surprising as they're so good! Thank you for your comment :) xx