20 random facts about me

I wanted to do a slightly more personal post than usual by giving you 20 random facts about me! I've seen other bloggers do this and love reading them - if you have written a similar post, please feel free to link it below so I can have a read...

1) I'm quarter Finnish...

2) ...and there is a town in Finland named after my family

3) I have a bachelors in advertising

4) I have an unhealthy obsession with Justin Timberlake

5) I'm a Scorpio

6) I had ballerina lessons until the age of 8 and performed on stage twice

7) I eat out way too much!

8) My favourite film is Legally Blonde - I used to watch it on repeat when I was younger

9) I used to have an obsession with the Sims and could play it for hours

10) I rarely drink cold drinks

11) I love any thing floral

12) Until the age of ten I was convinced I was going to be a vet when I grew up

13) I have giant handwriting

14) I have 15 varieties of tea in my tea cupboard

16) I'm (precisely) 5ft 6.9

17) My first job was working as a bar maid

18) Deep water scares me, even watching underwater programmes puts me on edge (yes really)

19) I love walking in the rain

20) Cats are my favourite animal



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