What is in my bag: Spring/Summer

I'm one of those nosy people that love to read 'What's in my bag' posts. So I've decided to follow the trend and write one of my very own. As it is coming up to Summer, I thought I would share with you my new Spring/Summer bucket bag and what I keep in it*

*Please note that the 100 receipts/train tickets have been removed for photography purposes.

The bag 

I've been eyeing up bucket bags for a while and finally gave in to buying one when I saw this bright yellow number on the Zara website. I thought the bright yellow (faux) leather would be perfect for livening up any outfit during the Summer months.

I generally like to keep the amount I keep in my bag to a minimum, as I like to switch between bags a lot and need to be able to do so quickly (as I usually do it just before I run out the door). Here are my Spring/Summer bag essentials:

Concealer - usually with a small mirror

At the moment I have the Benefit Boi-ing concealer, as it is compact and has a small mirror inside for quick touch-ups.

Card holder 

I hate carrying change as it always just gets lost at the bottom of my bag, never to been seen again. So where possible, I just carry around my card holder - perfect size for my bank card, loyalty cards and train tickets for the day.

Lip balm and Lip stick

Lip balm is to stop my lips from getting chapped in the sun and the lipstick is for those occasions when I need to look a bit better, quickly.

Jewellery/Hair tie 

There always seems to be a supply of both at the bottom of my handbag, because you never know when you might need them.


I started a bullet diary lately (if you don't know what it is, Google it), therefore I always have my little black note book with me to keep track of any important dates/ideas/lists.

A good book...

...because you never know when you might find a nice place in the sun/a good coffee shop to stop and read.


As I can't be without it.


My current favourite for Spring is Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede as it is a nice subtle floral fragrance that has good longevity. This tiny bottle also makes it easy to carry around and spritz throughout the day.

What's in your Spring/Summer handbag?



  1. your bag is so so beautiful! i don't see many yellow bags around, making this not only unique but perfect for the summer. my summer bag is even more minimal than yours haha. i keep a purse, sunnies, water and hair-ties in mine. however, this year i have also started carrying around spf for my face as i want to really take care of my skin.

    xo Sarah
    Absolutely Sarah

    1. Thanks - I thought the same - I don't usually go for something so bright so it is a first for me! haha, SPF and sunnies are a good idea; I always loose my sunglasses so they never usually make it into my bag!

      Sophie x

  2. Thanks for sharing! I'm quite nosy too and I love seeing what's in other peoples bags.