What is on my iPhone: My top 5 apps

My love for tech and apps - particularly the ones that supply me with new information, help me to stay organised or just generally make life that little bit easier -  means I'm always on the look out for what new apps are available. Therefore, I thought I would share with you my top 5 apps that might do the same for you. I must admit I rarely buy apps, so all apps listed below are free - an added bonus.

1. Splitwise

This little app helps with any bill/expense splitting within groups. It is an app that you and your friends can download and input any spending that needs to be 'split' amongst the group and it works out very quickly who-owes-whom what, so you don't have to.

2. Flipboard

This is a news app that lets you get personalised news based on your interests, for example, if I only want news about health and fitness, I will get specific news articles suggested to me to include only that.

3. OnTrees

This is another finance app - this connects to your bank accounts and helps you to track your spending habits - handy if you are like me and manage to overspend on clothes.

4. Instagram (@sophiemew) 

OK, this is one that everyone will know, however, I just had to add it -  for obvious reasons.

5. Netflix 

Another one that most people already have, however, the handy part about it is that if you have a Chromecast, the app will stream the programme from your phone to your TV without you having to move. Particularly good if you're feeling extra lazy.

So that sums up my top five apps-  I would love to hear any suggestions you may have!



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