bareMinerals bareSkin: Pure Brightening Serum Foundation and Concealer

Since trying out the bareMinerals powdered foundation range I immediately fell in love with how natural it was and therefore headed over to my local bareMinerals counter to see what other products they had to offer. I originally went in looking for a liquid foundation; something with heavier coverage than the loose powder. The girl at the counter suggested the bareSkin foundation, which covered the 'liquid foundation' part, however, isn't high coverage at all... This is why I then went in again to get the concealer, which I had heard so much about.

Every time I am colour matched in store I am always surprised at how pale I actually am; I was colour matched to the lightest shade: 01 Porcelain and got the fair concealer to match - both I would say match my skin tone perfectly.

The foundation has a very light, velvety texture that glides onto the skin giving a very light coverage. I would say that it is better for drier skin types rather than oily because of the texture. A positive is that the formula has no chemicals and is hypo-allergenic, so perfect for sensitive/problem skin. It does say that a 1-2 drops offers a sheer coverage to the whole face, however I would say you need around 4-5, which makes me think I'm going to get through it quite quickly. Another negative is that it can often have a streaky finish on the skin if not buffed in properly - I didn't opt for the brush that is meant to go with it (as I have my own buffing brush) so that might be why. For the 'brightening' aspect, I wouldn't really say it brightens my complexion, but it does give a nice natural finish.

The concealer is my favourite of the 2 as it doesn't have the same oily texture, and has a much higher coverage. The natural mineral ingredients mean I don't feel bad about putting it on spots either. The concealer I can't really fault (other than the price at £22) as the colour is perfect for my skin and it gives great coverage without looking cakey on the skin.

Overall the products together give a nice 'no-make' look and the added SPF20 in the foundation makes them a great duo for summer.

What are your thoughts on the bareMinerals products? Have you tried either of the above? If not, and you would like to, I have linked them here and here.

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