Favourite travel minis

It's that time of year again where everybody is setting off on their summer holidays, and therefore deciding what to pack in there travel bag. I always have an especially tough decision on deciding what is a priority when I have limited space and end up packing way more products than I need; this is where my little list of favourite travel minis comes in. Whether I'm deciding what to pack for a weekend away at a friends or what to pack in my carry on bag, I always come back to these favourites.


If I'm going somewhere sunny I always like to give myself a bit of a (fake) tan before I go, just so I don't look just as pale against all of the other tourists who have already been there a week (assuming it's a hot country). Therefore, I bring along my mini St Tropez Gradual Face Lotion to keep it topped up - It also means that I can generally skip the foundation/BB cream if I need to. It's also good to pack minis that have multiple uses, like Posie Tint, as it can be used and built up on the lips and cheeks to give a long lasting colour; this little bottle is perfect for travelling too. The Clarins Pure Melt Cleanser easily melts away make-up with it's gel-oil consistency and turns into a milk when washed away, the slim bottle also fits easily into a wash bag.


These cute little Bumble and Bumble Surf minis provide perfect beach hair (with or without the beach) in minutes, and are the perfect size for a travel bag.


Of course if you are going anywhere hot you will need sunscreen, and this little Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration is the perfect handbag size for top ups throughout the day - it also smells good too. Speaking of smelling good, I like to take along a nice smelling body cream for the evening, especially for the times I don't want to wear heavy perfume - this mini Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay Body Creme is my favourite, as the smell lingers so long. And lastly, body wash, because everyone has to wash at some point. This Soap&Glory Clean Girls body wash is my favourite as it looks cute, smells good and is fairy inexpensive.

I hope you liked my round up of my favourite travel minis. What are your go-to travel mini essentials? 



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