My 2017 bucket list

So far this year hasn't started off well. I got ill a couple of weeks a go (after Christmas, thankfully) with costochondritis and then a week ago I fractured my rib... so far not so great. Therefore, I'm hoping it can only get better from here - right?

The above is the reason this post is a little later than expected! I haven't done a bucket list for a few years now - the last time being 2014 - so i thought it was time to create a new list... So here it is:

1) Get a kitten! Currently in progress
2) Take a course in something I've never done before
3) Learn to drive/start driving lessons - better late than never
4) Try and eat more healthy/think about what I'm eating
5) In relation to the above - use my cooking books more often!
6) In relation to the above again - eat out less often
7) Keep up regular haircuts - a bit of a weird one, but my hair is currently a bit of a mess
8) Make sure to keep my diary up to date with everything I am doing/stay more organised in general
9) Use my digital SLR more (I finally got one! As mentioned in My 2014 Bucket List - Revisited)
10) Start a capsule wardrobe; spend more on staple items rather than spending willy-nilly

What are your resolutions/goals for 2017? Do you have any similar? 

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