The little things

The weather in London lately has been extremely strange. Friday night it rained the most I have ever seen it rain since I moved to London, however, today I woke up and it was 24 degrees and sunny! Therefore, we did what most people do and headed to the park for a picnic. Once we had eaten too many sausage rolls and mini pastries we headed over to a few shops; one of the shops being Anthropology. Anthropology I have decided, is what shopping heaven is for me - full of multicoloured furnishings and boho accessories. 

One thing that caught my eye whilst lining up to buy my decorative bowl, was the book 'Small Pleasures' by The School of Life. It is a book that celebrates the little things in life, as it believes that small pleasures are not usually celebrated or talked about. The book states that "...the pursuit of pleasure is a skill that we need to learn: it's something that we can get better at. And small pleasures are the things to start with". The book looks at 52 small pleasures in detail, a few of my favourites from the book being 'midnight walks', 'a favourite old jumper' and 'Sunday morning'. Reading about these little pleasures has inspired me to think about the little things in life that I get pleasure in...

Fresh sheets 
Do I need to say more? 

A new shower gel 
This may seem like a strange one, but choosing a new shower gel scent is therapeutic for me. My current favourite I picked up in Corfu airport after my holiday: Korres Lavender Blossom

Cuddling my cat 
I think I must own the softest kitten in the world (I'm not bias at all) and when he decides, on rare occasions, that I'm allowed to stroke him, it is the best thing ever. If you're one of the 15% of people that don't like cats, then you probably can't relate to this one.

House plants 
I never knew how much better a room could be when it just has a bit of foliage. I learnt that last week after picking up a large rubber plant at Columbia Road market - now I'm hooked and want to turn my living room into a jungle. 

A good cup of tea
I am a self confessed tea addict, some times it's an good cuppa, sometimes is a bad cuppa and then there are those times when you or someone else manages to make the perfect cuppa. 

The Sunday paper
Sunday is the day of rest. Therefore, I have time to sit down with my boiled egg and my 1000 newspaper supplements (if you get the Telegraph you will know what I mean) and actually have the time to read them word for word. I love Sundays. 

The smell of a new book 
This was the hardest one to write, as I'm not sure why, but the pages of a new book are one of my favourite smells. At first I thought it might be because I have an obsession with libraries, but then realised that it makes more sense that they would smell of old books? If you can help me figure it out, let me know.  

What are your small pleasures?



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