How to make a rented home feel more your own

It has been 4 months since we moved from East London to West London and so far so good. I've been renting since I was 18 and along the way I have lived in many different homes: student houses, shared houses, furnished houses, part-furnished flats, unfurnished flats... you catch my drift. In our latest flat we decided to go non-furnished 'to build up our collection' of furniture.

Along the way I have come up with a few of my favourite ways to make my usually tiny space, feel more cosy and 'my own'.

Potted plants and fresh flowers

Plants and flowers are an inexpensive way to brighten up a room and bring it to life. If you’re like me and want something as low maintenance as possible, go for a succulent - the above I got from IKEA for around £8 (similar here). We also have a rubber plant we picked up from Columbia Road when we lived in our last flat; It has lasted a few years despite being bashed about and me always forgetting to water it. Fresh herbs can also be picked up for a few pounds in your local supermarket and not only make your food taste good, but also make the kitchen look more vibrant. Pink roses are also a firm favourite of mine too - for obvious reasons.

 Investing in good bed linen

This wasn’t something I clocked onto until a good couple of years into renting. Good bedding does wonders for a better nights sleep. I always go for Egyptian cotton and/or a high thread count for maximum comfort. I like to get mine all white (as it makes washing easier) but if you want to brighten up your bedroom, bedding is the way to do it in a rented home - along with the cushions of course...

Statement accessories to add more personality to a room 

Cushions are the foundation of a living room in my opinion. Plain furniture can easily (and reversibly) be up-cycled with a few vibrant cushions. The same also goes for rugs and curtains - although I rarely change the curtains when renting as I personally find it too much effort.

Statement prints to add more personality to white walls

Another thing that can immediately transform a room are prints. This particular canvas print was sent to me by Photowall - they have loads of different options on their website that can transform any space: nature, art, celebrity, architecture etc... you can also upload your own photo if you’re so inclined to upload a giant picture of your cat (like I nearly did). In the end I went for an abstract canvas that matches my colour scheme (the website also categorises via colour). It arrived quickly and assembled easily using the ‘build it yourself frame’ - great for transporting prints too. We usually just use nails on our walls and fill them in later (shhh), but if you don’t want to do this you can use semipermanent hooks for hanging, or rest your prints/artwork up against the wall.

Photowall has also kindly given me a discount code for 20% for my readers if you’re interested in ordering anything: SophieMLovesCampaign2018 (only available for 30 days) you can also take a look at their Pinterest here for extra inspo.

Set the scene 

Another thing that that can transform any space for free is: ambience. Putting your favourite music on and lighting nice smelling candles are a must for making a space more your own. It is also the simplest way of changing a mood in an environment. Our cat also adds to a positive atmosphere in our flat, so if you can find one that takes pets, I would highly recommend it - although it did take us a while.



  1. Aww thanks for the new blog, it's truly inspirational and I love what you've done with your new place :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! I'm renting at the moment too and find that fresh flowers and lots of cosy cushions etc help to make it more homely! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x